Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project



1. Description of the Project

A hydroelectric generation plant of 80 MW capacity is to be established by the Republics of Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania at the Rusumo Falls. The three have agreed that energy generated by the project will be equally shared between the three national utilities (REGIDESO, EWASA and TANESCO) of the member states, which will purchase energy from the project. The Rusumo project involves also the construction of 220 KV transmission lines connecting the hydroelectric power plant of Rusumo Falls to the national grids of Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania, and the related project area development.

The Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project includes the following main components:

a. A dam and hydro-electric power station of about 80 MW on the Kagera River at the Rusumo Falls located on the border between Rwanda and Tanzania to be shared between the three countries, and the multi-purpose project area development to improve the quality of life of the affected population;

b. Power Transmission lines connecting the power plant to the electricity grids of Burundi (at Gitega - 161 km), Rwanda (at Birembo/Shango - 109 km) and Tanzania (at Nyakanazi – 98km); Substations in Muyinga and Gitega for Burundi, Birembo and Bugesera for Rwanda, and Nyakanazi for Tanzania;

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