Eng OduorNELSAP is pleased to announce that Eng. Alloyce Oduor has been appointed as the Project Manager for the Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project effective 20th December 2021.

The NELSAP Regional Coordinator Dr. Eng. Isaac Alukwe, while announcing the appointment, noted that Eng. Alloyce Oduor, appointed on acting capacity until further notice, has been with the Rusumo project since its formative stages and is best placed to lead it towards its completion, which is planned for later in 2022. As of December 2021, the 80MW Rusumo project was 83% complete.

The new Project Manager Eng. Oduor has extensive experience in the power sector and was at the time of his appointment, the Program Officer for Power Projects at NELSAP, in charge of regional energy projects within the Nile Equatorial Lakes region.

Previously Eng. Oduor worked at the Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) and Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) in projects, designs and operations and maintenance.

Eng. Oduor has an MSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Communications Engineering. He is a registered Consulting Engineer (CE) and Professional Engineer (PE) with the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) and a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK).

Eng. Alloyce Oduor replaced Eng. Darren Protulipac, who managed the Rusumo Project for two years from September 2019 to December 2021.


About the Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project (RRFHP)
The Governments of Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania agreed to build up a joint power development project and established the Rusumo Power Company Limited (RPCL) with the primary objective of constructing the 80MW hydroelectric project that, whose eergy will be shared equitably among the three countries.

Rusumo PIC Dec 2021The RPCL delegated and authorized the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program Coordination Unit (NELSAP-CU) of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) to implement the 80MW Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project (RRFHP) with 340 million USD from the World Bank for its construction, including implementation of Local Area Development projects (LADP) and 120 million USD from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the Transmission Lines to the power grids of the three countries.
With Civil Works almost complete, NELSAP Project Implementation Unit is now following up implementation of Mechanical and Electrical Works which includes the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the Electro-Mechanical equipment.