NELSAP is playing a catalytic role in facilitating preparation of cross-board regional projects, resource mobilization, and coordination of countries in the implementation of regional projects that will contribute to the social economic development of the Nile Equatorial Lakes countries.
NELSAP effectively coordinates with technical experts from the countries and regional energy entities to complete studies and develop regional guidelines and undertake power systems analysis of the integrated interconnected grid before the projects are commissioned. The regional guidelines study will establish the modalities for an efficient cross border power market in the region and guide the requirements for an efficient and effective operation of the interconnected electricity grid system. The study will also establish the modalities for cross-border exchange of energy required prior to project commissioning. The Power System Analysis will provide the interconnection protocol and operational criteria, and recommend as necessary additional investment to ensure physical operationalization of the integrated grid system.
NELSAP enhances collaboration with other regional entities involved in the energy sector in the Nile Equatorial Lakes regions such as the East Africa Community (EAC), Electricity for the Great Lakes (EGL), East Africa Power Pool (EAPP) and South African Power Pool (SAPP).
The Interconnection of Electric Grids of the NEL Countries Project, once completed will connect all five countries and wheel electricity through the interconnected electricity grid system. The interconnected countries will thus exchange power and trade. The countries with less energy will be able to purchase electricity across the boarders from their counterparts with excess electricity. With effective trade, the cost of electricity will be delivered at affordable prices. All the interconnected Nile Equatorial Lakes countries will benefit from reliable affordable power delivered to the consumers. This will improve the living conditions of the people, as well as the quality of the socioeconomic development environment of the region.

NELSAP has to date mobilized about USD 390million for the Project from African Development Bank, JICA of the Government of Japan, Government of Germany and Government of the Netherlands through KFW, and the European Union.

NELSAP is coordinating implementation of Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric project and preparation of other interconnectors that will benefit Tanzania and also interconnect with the South African Power Pool.

The Interconnection of Electric Grids of the NEL Countries Project has the following different interconnection grids components under construction:

  1. 132.5km, 400kV and 127km, 220kV Kenya-Uganda interconnection: Lessos substation / Lessos-Tororo OHTL /Tororo substation / Tororo-Bujagali OHTL
  2. 166km, 220kV Uganda - Rwanda interconnection: Shango-Birembo OHTL including Birembo substation / Shango substation / Shango-Mirama OHTL / Mbarara-Mirama OHTL / Mirama substation 
  3. 143km, 220kV Rwanda - Burundi interconnection: Kigoma-Butare-Ngozi-Gitega and associated substations
  4. 77.8km, 220kV Burundi - DR. Congo interconnection: Kamanyola-Bujumbura / Kamanyola substation
  5. 200km, 220kV DR Congo -Rwanda interconnection: Goma-Gisenyi and Goma substation
  6. 95km, 220kV Burundi – Rwanda- DRC: Goma- Buhandahanda in DR Congo / Goma-Buhandahanda / Shango-Gisenyi

Opening Ceremony PTC Nairobi May 2015